We‘re Recruiting! We need all classes. If you’re a healer is a plus.

Server Update – 14 April 2014

Community. Today we went down for the following changes: * Primeval Isle now has a chaotic zone inside (the most elevated zone of the PI hunting area). Mobs in this zone have a significantely increased rate of dropping Top Grade Life Stones Level 76 and Books of Giants, the drop-rate of quest eggs is 4% higher […]

Join us on Ventrilo

IP: Wartag.typefrag.com
Port: 7520
You will need an account to join ventrilo, Please PM 87MaverickVzla/RSPrada ingame or Forums.

Join us on L2Sublimity

1. Create a forum account here
2. Create a game account here
3. Link Your Forum here to recieve the following bonuses: +7% EXP Bonus, +7% SP Bonus. +5% Enchant Rate Bonus for armory and weaponry.

Download L2 Interlude Client/ L2 Sublimity Updater

1. Download L2 Interlude Client here
2. Download L2 Sublimity Updater here